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Calling all calico lovers! Here's Nala! This pretty girl would love to find her forever home with you! She came all the way from Texas to find the perfect family. She loves to snuggle on your lap. She even will rub on you until she feels she is getting the standard of petting she deserves! She also really likes to play. Sometimes she has trouble deciding if she she wants pets or rambunctious playtime- so she will do best in a home without small children. Nala really likes the large dog in her foster home and will settle for cuddling with her if no humans are available. However, Nala strongly prefers to be the only cat in the house! Sharing laps and pets with another cat is NOT her thing. She knows she deserves to be the center of attention! Nala is approximately 4 years old, microchipped, spayed, and up to date on all vaccinations. To meet Nala, please go to and fill out an application. Her adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

Meet Fezzik the gentle giant! This sweet 5 year old is looking for a new forever home. He was put outside when his last owner passed away. Fezzik was scared and confused at first, but is back to loving people again. He loves napping, playing, and chasing treats. His favorite thing to do is roll around in cat nip and attempt to act normal about it once he is covered in bits of nip! He is a gentle guy who gets along well with feline foster kitty, Margo, who is also up for adoption! He would likely get along with other kitties with slow and careful introductions. He would also do well as an only kitty. He is neutered, microchipped, fiv negative, and up to date on vaccinations. To meet Fezzik, please go to and fill out an application. His adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Male, Large

Meet Gypsy! Gypsy came up from Texas to find her forever home in Michigan. She is a beautiful swirled tabby who is about 2 yrs old. She will need time to get to know her new home to feel comfortable. She rubs up on anything and everything, makes biscuits in the air while on her back and is a talkative girl! Gypsy has been around other cats and dogs in her foster home. A home without small children is preferable. Gypsy has been spayed, vaccinated, tested negative for Fiv and Felv and is microchipped. To meet Gypsy, please go to and fill out an application. Her adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

MEET THE CHAMP! This precious pittie boy has the cutest black and white coat that is velvety soft—just perfect for petting! He is a great medium size at barely 50lbs and roughly 2 years old. This poor boy was found with many other dogs in an abandoned home in the Flint area. Thankfully, a group of rescuers saved him and his companions from this nightmare and went straight to work vetting and caring for them. Champ was moved into our rescue in order to get some more one-on-one socialization and evaluation that he wasn't able to receive in a shelter environment....and we're so glad he came! Things Champ is great at: -Being handsome -Going potty outside -Playing with toys and keeping himself occupied -Making friends with other dogs -Cuddling and wanting affection from people he loves -Taking treats so sweet and gentle! -Having fun and being playful when you want him to be, but more than willing to be a couch potato when playtime is done! Things Champ needs to work on: -Anxiousness in new situations. -Champ likes the familiarity and comfort of home, and gets quite shy of new places and people. -Meeting new people: Champ has the capacity to love everybody, but he is slow to warm up and trust new people, especially men. He HAS NOT displayed any sort of aggression, just shyness/avoidance and some barking. Once Champ knows you and trusts you, he will be attached at the hip and will reward your patience with unconditional companionship! Due to Champ's shyness with new people, his adoption process may be a bit more drawn-out than usual. He should be given the opportunity to meet with his potential family several times before an adoption can occur. If you're interested in adopting this sweet boy, please be prepared to give him the patience and understanding he deserves! To meet Champ, please go to and fill out an application. His adoption fee is $250. View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium
Bruce and Tony
Bruce and TonyBruce and TonyBruce and TonyBruce and TonyBruce and TonyBruce and Tony

Meet Bruce and Tony! These cool cats just moved here from Texas and are looking for a forever home. These guys are outgoing and affectionate! They are both professional lap warmers, purring champions and nose kiss award winners. Tony and Bruce are a package deal - they are bonded brothers and need to stay together for life. They are about 1.5 years old, microchipped, neutered, and age appropriately vaccinated. They do fine with other cats, respectful kids and dogs (who don’t chase). If you would like to meet these eligible bachelors, please fill out an application for adoption at Their adoption fee is $80 for the pair. View full description »

Young, Male, Medium

Meet Sylvia! Sylvia is a beautiful silver tabby with a sweet and shy personality. She came all the way from Alabama with one of her kittens! She is approximately 3 years old. Sylvia isn’t interested in playtime, but enjoys finding a warm spot to lounge. She also has the best manners- never dreaming of jumping on the counters or getting in the house plants like the other naughty cats around here. She tolerates both the cats and dogs in her current foster home, but definitely values her quiet “me-time”. Her foster parents think it is very deserved after patiently raising a rambunctious kitten! After all she has been through, Sylvia is ready to find her forever home where she can settle in at last! Sylvia is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. To meet sweet Sylvia, please go to and fill out an application. Her adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

Meet Harley! Harley is a petite, cute girl who's 2-1/2 years old and a pretty gray/dilute torti. She lived for a while at a Petsmart store in South Texas waiting patiently for that forever home. It never happened, so she came up on transport, arriving in Michigan on February 6 with lots of other kitties. Harley immediately took to her new foster home by exploring and climbing all over. She found the basket of toys and started chasing the ball all over the house. She uses the litter box with no issues. Harley gets along with her travel companion, a male cat, Tommy, who's living in the same foster home and has been dog tested and passed. Harley's a bit reserved, but once she trusts that you're "good people" you'll find her sitting behind your head on the back of the couch. Then, when you aren't paying attention, you'll find her cuddling next to you. The rescue's vet determined that Harley's good to go to her new home with her vaccines updated. She's also microchipped and spayed. Please fill out an application for her and make her your 'furever' Valentine! Her adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

Meet Tommy! Tommy is an affectionate boy who's about two years old. He'll head butt your arm to snuggle close when you're relaxing. More than likely a stray, he was spotted wandering near an oil rig in South Texas with a partially dangling lip. A kind hearted lady took him to a vet. Tommy was treated with antibiotics and his permanent injury healed nicely with no complications. A protruding bottom tooth adds to his "I'm a Survivor" look. In his foster home since February 6, he's using the litter box like a pro. Tommy's appetite is great which is helping him to put on some much needed weight. Plus, he's playing with all the toys! Tommy gets along with Harley, a 2-1/2 year old female kitty who made the trip up with him and lives in the same foster home. It's unknown how he'll react to dogs. After a thorough check up by our rescue's vet, he's ready for a permanent home: up to date on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. Please fill out an application for him if you're interested in giving this 'good ole boy' some love. HIs adoption fee is $40. View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium

Matilda is a one year old heeler mix. She originally came from Texas last February with her sister, Maude. Matilda has been a perfect angel in her foster home - very quiet, no messes, no barking. She is a little timid at first meeting. She does best with another confident dog. Matilda was adopted in April, but she was returned back to us after 9 months. No kids under 12, as she came from a home with 2 small children who hung on her. She is sensitive to loud yelling, we think because the house she left was very chaotic. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, crate trained, microchipped, does well on a leash and has no bad habits. If interested in meeting Matilda, please fill out the online application at Her adoption fee is $250. View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

MEET MAX! This handsome young man is searching for his perfect fit! Max is a 1.5yo pittie mix, weighing in at about 60lbs. He is a very goofy boy with lots of quirks. Max loves to fetch and play. He hops around like a giant bunny when he really gets to playing.! Max would do well with a friendly dog(s) in his forever home to show him the ropes and social cues. Max has shown some resource guarding, but he is able to be called away from what he guards. He needs a quieter home with a dog experienced owner. He is neutered, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines! To meet Max, please go to and fill out an application. His adoption fee is $250. View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium

My name is Benedict but my foster mom calls me Benny! I’m tall, dark and handsome - you’ll want to stare into my beautiful green eyes all day long! I’m a little shy but once I warm up to you, I’ll be happy to roll over and enjoy your pets! When I’m not sun bathing at the top of the cat tree, I’m snuggling with my foster brothers. Please open your home to me! Benny was born approximately May 15, 2020 and is neutered, tested negative for FIV and FELV, is microchipped, and has had age appropriate vaccines. To meet handsome Benedict, please go to and fill out an application. His adoption fee is $100. View full description »

Baby, Male, Medium