How It Works

Pet Tales Rescue is a network of fosters and volunteers that work to find the perfect homes for animals in need.

1. Rescue

When we’re contacted about an animal in need, we work quickly to determine the best course of action. If that course means coming into our rescue, we mobilize right away to secure the animal and place it safely within a foster home.

2. Foster

Once we’ve successfully placed the pet within a foster home, the road to adoption begins! Their new foster will make sure they’re comfortable, clean, and given ample decompression time. From there, the foster will evaluate their personality and assess their specific needs.

3. Screening & Treatment

We waste no time having new foster animals seen by a veterinarian! They are thoroughly checked over, tested for various ailments (such as parasites or heartworm), and vaccinated appropriately.

4. Sterilization

Spaying and neutering is something we feel very strongly about here at Pet Tales. EVERY animal we take in is fixed (sterilized) prior to finding their new home. We work hard to educate our community about the benefits of neutering their pet, and we believe this type of education is key to reducing pet overpopulation and overall shelter numbers.

5. Find a Home

The best part of all! Once our foster pets are ready mentally and medically, we begin the process of finding them the perfect forever-home. This begins with potential adopters filling out our online application. Once we have screened the applicant and determined whether their lifestyle seems like a good fit for the desired animal, we set up a meet and greet. If the meetup is successful and both parties are in agreement about adopting the pet, we finalize the adoption!

6. Follow Up Support

When you adopt a pet from us, you are NEVER alone! Our ultimate goal is to unite our fosters with their perfect family, and for them to spend a lifetime together. To ensure this goal is met, we will provide continuous support and advice whenever needed, for the life of your pet.